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$0 Annual
$0 per month

Best for Income & Expense Tracking, Spend Analysis, Personal Financial Dashboard, Detailed Credit Report, Detailed Tally, Transaction Categorization


$29.99 Annual (Save $6)
$2.50 per month (billed annually)

Best for Money Management, All Account Tracking & Monitoring, Cash Flow Analysis, Bills and Receipts tracking, Alerts and Insights


$49.99 Annual (Save $22)
$4.17 per month (billed annually)

Best for Budgeting, Personal Accounting, Balance Reconciliation, Bookkeeping, Forecasting, Planning, Bills and Debts Tracking



$79.99 Annual (Save $40)
$6.66 per month (billed annually)

Best for detailed Money Management, Budgeting, Personal Accounting, Investments, Bills, Debts, Net Worth, Credit Score, Advanced Reporting

As a complementary service, all users receive Money-Saving Deals and Discounts from Top Brands.

Pricing Plan Features

7-day Free Trial

Enjoy a 7-day free trial to try out the product and see if it meets your expectations.

Account Monitoring

MoneyPatrol will monitor your linked accounts for new transactions, upcoming bills, fees, charges, low balances, and suspicious transactions.

Expense Tracking

Track your expenses across credit cards and bank accounts and see how much you are spending and where the money goes.

Alerts and Insights

Receive alerts and insights as notifications via text or email so that you can be aware of your finances on the go.

Link Credit Cards

Link all types of credit cards to get a detailed view of your expenses, payments, and credit utilization.

Link Bank Accounts

Link all types of bank accounts to get a detailed view of your Checking and Savings accounts.

Income & Expense Analysis

See exactly how much you are earning and spending across all accounts using the Tally feature.

Balance Updates

See the balances on your Checking and Savings accounts to have a better sense of how much money you have.

Upload Receipts

Upload and save all your receipts on the go and access them whenever you need from the Receipt Vault.

Transaction Calendar

See all your past and upcoming transactions in a Calendar view by day, week and month.

Task Lists

Create a to-do list of your important tasks related to personal finances such as making payments.

Financial Calculators

Access 500+ financial calculators to calculate loan payments, tax impacts and investment contributions.

Deals & Discounts

Get the latest money-saving deals and discounts from 100+ top brands across various shopping categories.

Receipt Data Extraction

Extract the data from your uploaded receipts and categorize each purchased line item to a budget effectively.

Document Vault

Save your important documents such as invoices, insurance cards, rental agreements, etc., in one secure vault.

Detailed Budgeting

Create and set weekly, monthly, and yearly budgets for Categories and Merchants. See rollover views of your budgets.

Bill Tracking & Reminders

See all your Bills, including your recurring subscriptions, at one place. Receive reminders and alerts in advance when the bills are due.

Debt Analysis & Tracking

See all your Debts and Loans including credit card loans, auto loans, student loans and home mortgage loans. See your outstanding liabilities and payment dates.

Advanced Categorization

Categorize transactions using custom rules to have a easy to understand view of your money.

Transaction Rules

Create transaction rules to auto-update merchant names or assign certain categories to specific merchants.

Trend Recognizer

Get detailed trend views and insights of your financial data and even drill down at a merchant, category, tag or account level.

Credit Usage Analysis

View your credit usage across your various credit cards to understand how much you owe and how it is impacting your credit score.

Credit Score (Equifax)

Access your latest Credit Scores from Equifax (updated frequently) and get a full report. See what is impacting your scores and check your open debt accounts in detail.

Data History Retention

Retain your downloaded data within MoneyPatrol: depending on your plan data retention could be 6 months, 2 years or forever.

Investments Tracking

View your investment portfolio across all your brokerage accounts and track your performance and growth over time.

Crypto Assets Tracking

View your Crypto assets from various crypto currency exchanges and wallets and see how the daily performance records.

Home Value Tracking

Track the value of your home and investment properties using the Zillow Zestimate integration and see the trends over time.

Net Worth Tracking

Calculate your Net Worth by seeing your Assets (cash, investments, home value, etc.,) and Liabilities (loans, debts, etc.,) and track the growth over time.

Investment Research

Research about Equities, Stocks, Funds, and even Crypto coins and blockchain and stay on top of investment opportunities.

Account Reconciliation

Reconcile your accounts so that you can be confident about the money flow and balances in your accounts.

Backup Data Aggregators

Link your accounts via multiple backup aggregators so that your data will always be downloaded and synced regardless of if your primary aggregator fails.

Advanced Reports

Create and view various advanced reports to slice and dice your spending across weeks and months. Easily export the reports to excel or pdf files.

Daily Backup of all Data

Frequent backup of your data will be taken so that your financial history will never be lost in cases of outages or data update failures.