Message From The Founder Of MoneyPatrol


I am Bhushan Lengade, the Founder of MoneyPatrol. I am feeling very excited to offer MoneyPatrol as an innovative personal finance application and a comprehensive money management methodology. You can read more about me and my story behind building this software application in the About Us section.

I do, however, want to highlight that I am a former Mint and Quicken alumni, having worked with Intuit as Head of Analytics for these products for 3+ years from 2011 to 2014. Having driven the ‘analytics wheelhouse’ of those products, I can say with confidence that you will love and appreciate the way MoneyPatrol has been designed to be a simple, yet a very effective, money management product.  

Before you start using MoneyPatrol, I would like to share a few quick words with you. You can skip this section if you are in a rush, but, I highly encourage you to read through this section so that you can get a clear understanding about our motivations and the key goals behind developing and building this product.

Firstly, I want to specifically emphasize that MoneyPatrol is not just a money management software application. MoneyPatrol, as a product, promotes a specific money-mindset, a money-philosophy that is designed and developed with the primary goal of helping you become financially successful in life thorough the effective monitoring of your financial accounts and management of your hard earned money.  

The harsh reality of life is that anything we want to do requires money. Without money, nothing happens. Majority of our adult life revolves around making money. No matter how much money we make, we feel that it will never be enough to meet our current or future needs. While earning money is relatively easy (just need a good job, right?), having enough money to achieve your financial goals, or even becoming and staying wealthy is not at all easy or straightforward.

You may have a steady job today, but there is no guarantee that you will have this job forever. Layoffs happen and your life may get upended in a matter of days. I have personally seen many of my friends and colleagues, who had worked extremely hard in their companies, getting laid off from high paying jobs, and then struggling for months to get a decent job. Even if they were to land a job, in many cases, the new job would not pay them as much as they used to earn in their previous company. Similarly, factors such as recessions, economic downturns, inflation, wars, and such things beyond our control, will have a negative financial impact on our personal finances regardless of us being a student, a professional, a self-employed, a business owner, or a retired person. 

One of the key life-truths is that bad times do not last forever and good times do not last forever either. Regardless of our life and career stage, only if we do a better job at keeping and growing our hard earned money, notwithstanding being in good or bad times, only then will we be prepared to successfully weather the challenges and dodge the curve balls that life constantly and unexpectedly throws at us.   

As a product, we promise you to be your partner by providing you a very comprehensive, detailed and best-in-class money management application. However, this partnership can only be successful if, from your end, you give COMMITMENT, DEDICATION AND DISCIPLINE by not only regularly using this product and following the methodology, but by also becoming purposeful, mindful, careful, and proactive by making and sticking to meaningful positive improvements in your personal financial journey.    

With that said, let me outline the key goals of MoneyPatrol:

  • 1. Help You Monitor And Stay On Top Of Your Various Financial Accounts across different financial institutions
  • 2. Help You Become Aware of Your Money Habits and Spend Patterns
  • 3. Help You Understand How Much And Where Your Hard Earned Money is going
  • 4. Help You Stay Within Your Budgets And Control Spending
  • 6. Help You Focus On Saving as much Money as possible on a daily basis
  • 7. Help You Pay Your Bills on Time, And Avoid Fees And Negative Credit Score Impact caused due to the late payments of bills
  • 8. Help You Reduce Your Debts, And Eventually Become And Stay Debt-Free
  • 9. Help You Grow Your Investments over time and Become and stay Wealthy
  • 10. Help You Improve Your Credit Score And then Maintain a High Credit Score
  • 11. Help You Increase Your Overall Net Worth and accumulate Assets that appreciate in value over time
  • 12. Help you build a financially secure future for yourself and for your family

I have outlined the goals of MoneyPatrol as a product. However, it is you, ultimately, that has to commit to using this product, and have the dedication, discipline, and perseverance to leverage this product, and take it’s assistance in achieving your personal financial goals. Remember, this product is just an application, a software platform, but it is you who needs to have the life-long motivation and inspiration to continue being smart and better with your money and finances.

If you have read all the way through, I truly appreciate and applaud you for the motivation you already have. I know, many times in life, we all feel anxious, nervous, frustrated, disappointed and depressed about money. My hope is that MoneyPatrol becomes your trusted partner in helping you successfully navigate and thrive in these challenging times.